Prepaid & Postpaid Customer Services

  • Posted by Suntec
  • April 27, 2016 2:41 PM BST
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Around the world utilities recognise that Prepaid Gas can significantly improve customer behaviour, engagement and satisfaction. Especially for higher risk customers, like students, low income families and unbanked consumers. But traditional token or passcode based Prepaid Metering typically placed heavy burdens on both the customer and utility:
  • Specialised token or keypad based Prepaid Meters had to replace postpaid meters 
  • Tokens and one time passcodes could be lost or damaged - especially as renters changed properties 
  • There is a high chance of meter malfunctions as token slots become contaminated, or electrical contacts wear away. 
  • Prepaid consumers find it inconvenient to travel to pay; especially out of regular hours 
  • Accessing the Prepaid Meter to insert the token or enter a passcode is inconvenient especially in apartment buildings