Mobilizing in the Cloud

Communications service providers take a new approach to mobile workforce management

Executive Summary

  • Cloud-based solutions can be deployed quickly, will scale easily, can adapt to changing markets and are low risk.
  • As it doesn’t need to store customer data, mobile workforce management software is particularly well suited to deployment in the cloud.
  • Telefonica, Virgin Media and other leading communications service providers are deploying TOA Technologies’ cloud-based mobile workforce management solution.
  • In the three years Virgin Media has been using TOA's cloud-based solution, the software has been available 100% of the time.
  • TOA’s solution provides the computing power operators need to manage teams in the field with precision in real-time, increasing efficiency and saving money.
  • Virgin Media’s engineers arrive on-time for 97%-98% of appointments. Getting the right mobile worker to the right appointment on time, dramatically improves the customer experience
  • Operators that deploy a mobile workforce management system in the cloud can move faster than their rivals and gain a competitive edge.