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    • Posted by elecard
    • April 15
    Using integer arithmetic for coding and the actual meaning of the “Context Adaptive” part in the term CABAC.
    • Posted by elecard
    • March 3
    The choice of a network protocol for real-time streaming depends on many factors such as number of end-users, type of their receiving devices, desired latency, and network type.
    We will consider some typical tasks and possible solutions.
    • Posted by elecard
    • February 24
    Binarization procedure in detail for the special case when the coding is performed using intra-prediction only.
    • Posted by elecard
    • February 10
    Тranscoding video is a very resource-intensive task. It can be fairly expensive to run it on the CPU, especially with the growth of OTT broadcasting, where there are multiple profiles per channel. GPUs can be used to save resources. This article discusses...  more
    • Posted by elecard
    • February 3
    The HEVC standard implements all of the above ideas that provide the best inter-frame prediction “quality”. This involves the ability to specify the prediction vector with 1/4-pixel accuracy, use one- and bi-directional prediction, vary ada...
    • Posted by elecard
    • January 15
    To maintain high quality and detect violations in the stream, it is important to track various parameters. All monitored parameters are divided into two types: relating to Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE). In this article, we will ...  more
    • Posted by elecard
    • December 24, 2020
    Large-scale project on content preparation and broadcasting of 12 channels in the Moscow underground trains.
    • Posted by elecard
    • December 16, 2020
    The task most operators face today is how to keep the subscriber base loyal. Stable high quality of broadcasting is one of the factors that helps address this challenge. To maintain high quality and detect violations in the stream, it is important to trac...  more
    • Posted by elecard
    • December 9, 2020
    Today operators can’t afford to wait for a problem to occur. Even the simplest, rare issues can affect reputation in big ways. To provide high-quality content it is necessary to make sure it has made it through the entire delivery chain intact, without ar...  more
    • Posted by elecard
    • December 2, 2020
    Low broadcast latency has become a mandatory requirement in any tenders and competitions for building head-end stations and CDNs.
    Previously, such criteria were applied only to sports broadcasting, but now operators require low latency from broadcast equi...  more