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  • Globally, telcos are facing increasing top-line pressure in their business due to cut-throat competition offered by market players, as well as the growing threats from OTT players. Thanks to their access to arguably the deepest and richest insights int...
  • Leaders across Telcos continue to face the most disruptive market conditions in decades. Big players continue to compete aggressively - acquiring market share, new entrants are more nimble and substitute products seem to pop up almost at short interval...
  • With smartphones changing the game for advertisers, mobile advertising is now seen as the "golden brush" for Telcos. The article highlights the key benefits of mobile advertising for telecom operators.
  • Fuelled by growth in the digital economy and ever-evolving consumer demands, the global telecom industry is undergoing profound changes. Telcos need to find a new differentiator to engage with consumers and connect with them on every digital touchpoint. R...  more
  • With the industry at saturation point, Telcos suffer from exceptionally high rates of churn. The acquisition costs far outweigh those of retaining customers. This calls for concentrated efforts on the part of Telcos. This article highlights key strategies...  more
  • Telecom operators need to undergo a major digital transformation to revive their fortunes. By adopting marketing platforms, they can generate huge cost savings and at the same time enjoy increased high margin revenues. Read the article to know more.