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  • by Zafar Daud, Solutions Architect, Guavus
    When does it make sense to buy a big data analytics solution vs. building one in-house? This is a question that many departments within service provider organizations find themselves faced with time and time ...
    • Posted by carritech
    • May 10, 2018
    This article looks at the evolution of fiber optics, from their initial conception to today’s uses.
    • Posted by carritech
    • April 18, 2018
    As activity continues to increase in the advance of 5G infrastructure and services around the world, countries are beginning to eagerly reveal their proposed technical specifications and plans to deploy their services over the next few years. As they do, ...  more
    • Posted by carritech
    • January 30, 2018
    One of the most exciting and highly anticipated industries expected to benefit from 5G services is the energy and utility sector.
    • Posted by dubber
    • January 3, 2017
    2016 was a turbulent year; a year of huge and rapid change for politics, culture and of course technology. Big Data, the Internet of Things, 5G and Smart Cities were all developed, bringing their solutions more and more into everyday life. With these chan...  more
    • Posted by dubber
    • November 16, 2016
    Big Data - What does it mean for telcos? What steps must telcos take to maximise the benefits of Big Data, and what role will Big Voice play in the future of telco business?
    • Posted by dubber
    • November 9, 2016
    The US election has been dominating headlines for months whilst the campaign war has waged, and now the result is in. How will the shocking result of the US election affect telecommunications in America? Would it have been different if Hilary Clinton had won?
    • Posted by dubber
    • October 18, 2016
    Some are calling the Internet of Things the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With the upcoming release of 5G, the Internet of Things will become a reality on a large scale. Telcos can invest and be in a position of power, generating large profits and benefit...  more