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  • Aiming towards digital transformation and superior customer engagement, moLotus advertising has surpassed digital advertising, with its unique capabilities. It has made immediate revenue generation a reality by delivering personalized rich me...
  • With the industry at saturation point, Telcos suffer from exceptionally high rates of churn. The acquisition costs far outweigh those of retaining customers. This calls for concentrated efforts on the part of Telcos. This article highlights key strategies...  more
  • Telecom operators need to undergo a major digital transformation to revive their fortunes. By adopting marketing platforms, they can generate huge cost savings and at the same time enjoy increased high margin revenues. Read the article to know more.
  • As an outcome of a project aimed to introduce a business processes automation system, company executives always expect to see a tangible result: satisfied clients who spend more. But this is by no means always the case, and a considerable part of the auto...  more
  • Multiple companies prefer to keep manual operations in place when it comes to critical business processes. Some combine it with modern business tools and integrate recurring payments model.