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    • Posted by elecard
    • July 28
    New times place new demands in terms of data transfer speeds and delivery reliability, while the amount of content being transferred keeps growing. When tasked with delivering high-definition video via the public internet, network and content providers...
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    • July 7
    In October 2015, MPEG and VCEG formed the Joint Video Exploration Team (JVET) that was tasked with assessing the available compression technologies and exploring the requirements for a next-generation video compression standard. The standardization of ...
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    • June 30
    The Elecard’s monitoring system helped Globecast, a global leader in media services for media entertainment, in its project of cloud playback platform deployment.
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    • June 17
    Discrete co(sin) transform at a glance.
    Main reasons of why is it predominantly used in lossy (video) image compression systems.
    Let us recapitulate the main steps of processing a video frame as it is being encoded using a H.265/HEVC system (Fig. 1)....
    • Posted by elecard
    • May 12
    MPEG-4 AVC, also known as MPEG-4 Part 10 or H.264, was produced by the Joint Video Team (JVT), a joint project between the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group and the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group. The first specification of this standard was publi...
    • Posted by elecard
    • April 15
    Using integer arithmetic for coding and the actual meaning of the “Context Adaptive” part in the term CABAC.
  • Indosat in collaboration with Novosol has launched iADs-MGram. moLotus, Novosol’s breakthrough video mobile advertising and customer interaction platform, will power the Indosat iAds-MGram service. The service will provide Indonesian advertisers ...
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    • March 3
    The choice of a network protocol for real-time streaming depends on many factors such as number of end-users, type of their receiving devices, desired latency, and network type.
    We will consider some typical tasks and possible solutions.
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    • February 24
    Binarization procedure in detail for the special case when the coding is performed using intra-prediction only.
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    • February 10
    Тranscoding video is a very resource-intensive task. It can be fairly expensive to run it on the CPU, especially with the growth of OTT broadcasting, where there are multiple profiles per channel. GPUs can be used to save resources. This article discusses...  more