moLotus Automation Drives Higher Revenue & Faster Growth

  • Posted by Sophia Bronte
  • January 22, 2021 6:40 AM GMT
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Telcos and Brands have been plagued by marketing inefficiencies like poor lead generation, unengaged customers, poor customer communication, ineffective legacy customer processes, and more - all leading to low revenues and high costs. As automation technology continues to evolve, the breakthrough moLotus automation capabilities are meeting the expectations of brand & telco marketers, doing away with the inefficiencies. The platform comes as a fresh advancement in technology, empowering marketers to put customers at the centre of the rich automated experience. Following are the key benefits accruing out of moLotus automation :

1. Transformative Processes

Telcos and Brands are radically rethinking how their organizations can use technology, people, and processes to fundamentally change business performance. moLotus process automation and data analytics capabilities have become indispensable towards digital transformation. moLotus automation has transformed several business processes like New Customer Onboarding, Document Submission & Conversion, Payment & Service Reminders, Loyalty Cards, Policy Renewals, and several other types of customer & business communication.

CIMB Document Submission Campaign -

Proton Thank You for Your Patronage Campaign -

2. Customer Convenience and Delight

moLotus automation allows brands and telcos to deliver a hyper-personalized experience to customers across all touchpoints. It has made customer loyalty more achievable by making automated, spam-free, targeted, scalable, one-to-one customer interactions possible across segments. moLotus mobile loyalty cards have automated the loyalty cards space, replacing the plastic cards. It has also automated the processes of getting customer feedback, greeting and rewarding them resulting in an increase in Customer Lifetime Value and ARPU.

CLUB Panasonic Loyalty Card Campaign -

AIG Raya Greetings Campaign -

3. Efficient & Secure Operations

Security, integrity, and availability of data are the top priorities of moLotus automation. moLotus automation has identified vulnerabilities and roll-out fixes, empowering telcos and brands to be proactive and address vulnerabilities before breaches occur. To ensure this, moLotus use a multi-layered approach to protect all data. Customer data and intelligence are made securely available to moLotus. Brands and Operators can set rules and policies restricting access to authorized personnel only ensuring high security and efficiency. Proper authentication is required for every API request.

Vodafone Private Cloud Campaign -

TM Rewards Membership Campaign -

4. Better Campaign Conversion

The high level of automation in moLotus ad campaigns ensure high conversion rates. The campaigns trigger the desired actions from a large customer database. The messages are directed automatically to the mobile inbox of a potential customer in real-time; generating higher conversion and Return on Investment (ROI). Customers feel a greater connect with the brand & provide a better response which, in turn, helps in the improvement of the conversion rate.

Airtel Data On New 4G Phone Offer Campaign -

CIMB Bank Credit Card Promo Offer Campaign -

5. Cost Savings, Reduced Headcount

With cost reduction becoming an inherent core competence for operators and brands, all eyes are on moLotus which is offering significant cost minimization opportunities via automation. moLotus automation has reduced their staffing, training, printing, distribution, compliance, etc. costs significantly. They are now well-equipped to cut costs by reducing headcounts in call centre processes.

Dell (Pro Support Plus Campaign) -

Toyota Test Drive Invitation Campaign -

Undeniably, moLotus automation is turning businesses more agile. Marquee Brands like Dell, Panasonic, Toyota, CIMB Bank, Prudential BSN, Proton, etc., and Telcos like Airtel, Vodafone, Celcom, etc. have been harnessing the unique moLotus automation capabilities. Now they are better equipped to focus on the core functionalities of businesses - revenue generation and cost optimization by letting moLotus automation shoulder key marketing functionalities effectively.