moLotus delivers High-Margin Large Revenues and Great Returns

  • Posted by Sophia Bronte
  • November 19, 2020 6:24 AM GMT
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Telcos, globally, are facing increased competition, service saturation, cannibalization and threat from OTT players. With technology accelerating at breakneck speed, moLotus empowered digitalization & revenue opportunity has emerged as the new cutting-edge solution. Relatively untouched - the direct marketing space has witnessed a breakthrough disruption with moLotus targeting this $350 Billion Direct Marketing opportunity (source: Statista). In addition, the platform is also targeting the emerging $1.3 Trillion Digitalization opportunities together with 5G plus Transformation (source: Ericsson & Arthur D. Little). Following capabilities make moLotus a highly acclaimed ‘revenue-return destination’ for Telcos and Investors :


Mobile advertising has witnessed a tectonic shift with moLotus innovation coming in. moLotus mobile advertising has maximized top-line and bottom-line advertising revenues for telcos and brands via brand exposure & awareness, capturing & nurturing leads, customer acquisition, upselling & cross-selling, trade communication, loyalty, and reward campaigns and more. For instance, Telco brands like Airtel and Celcom increased revenues via cross-selling & loyalty campaigns. Brands like Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, etc. succeeded in revenue generation via new product launches, upselling, loyalty, and rewards campaigns.

Airtel (Cross-selling Campaign) —

With a growing focus on customer-centricity and thrust on high CLVM and ARPU across industries, moLotus has been instrumental in enhancing both the metrics for Telcos and Brands via new customer on-boarding, education, support, feedback, service reminders, loyalty & rewards, and more. Brands are in a position to interact better with customers via personalized and custom-branded greetings on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and more. For instance, Brands like L’Oreal, Dell, etc., have enhanced CLV by retaining customers, educating & onboarding them, offering support, and much more using moLotus. Dynamic Telcos & Brands have enhanced their ARPU by monetizing rich customer dataleveraging and optimizing existing infrastructureupselling & cross-sellingreducing churn, and more — all via moLotus.

Dell (Pro Support Plus Campaign) —

Aiming towards digital transformation, moLotus is re-creating processes for Telcos & Brands resulting in cost minimization by reducing headcounts of call centers, cold calling, printing, and other dispatch processes. They have achieved a major breakthrough in bringing down compliance costs, training costs, printing & stationery costs. Brands like Proton, Standard Chartered Bank, HDFC Bank, etc. have unleashed the cost-cutting potential of moLotus and have boosted sales revenue together with a reduction in costs pertaining to manpower, printed mailers, outbound calls, etc. They have adopted digital transformation in a multi-dimensional way through moLotus driven mobile document submission, faster contract renewals, easier loan processing, and more. Panasonic Malaysia replaced all plastic cards with moLotus’s mCard (digital mobile loyalty card).

Panasonic Membership Card (mCard Sample) —

Proton Test Drive Campaign —

As the quintessential buzzword, moLotus automation has scaled-up Telco operations via robust Automation API. Telcos and Brands have automated all aspects of customer processes via mobile, engaging customers throughout the customer lifecycle. Companies like CIMB Bank, TM, AIG, Sun Life, PruBSN, etc. are reaping the benefits of moLotus driven process automation for Balance Transfer, Document Submission, Contract Renewals, Voucher/Coupon Tracking, and much more.

CIMB Bank (Document Submission Campaign) —

Undeniably, the platform has evolved as a lucrative investment and revenue opportunity for Telcos and Investors offering explosive returns. moLotus stands as the best avenue for Investors who dream big and are exploring new high margin revenue models for profitable and sustainable business growth.