How Telcos can benefit from mobile advertising?

With smartphones changing the game for advertisers, mobile advertising is now seen as the "golden brush" for Telcos. The article highlights the key benefits of mobile advertising for telecom operators.

With smartphones changing the game for advertisers, mobile advertising now seen as the "golden brush" for Telcos. Mobile devices play a key role in the overall growth of global digital advertising spend. 

According to the IAB Advertising and Revenue report, nearly three-quarters of all Internet time (71%) is spent on a mobile device. So it’s no wonder that mobile advertising now accounts for two-thirds of the overall digital ad spend. It is against this backdrop that distinct and evolving telco advertising strategies should emerge.

Let’s have a look at the key benefits of mobile advertising for mobile operators :


1. Increase reach

As a Telco marketer, you know it - ‘reach’ objective maximizes the number of people who view your ads and how often. With this objective, you build brand awareness, improve customer engagement, and develop a brand perception. Fortunately, mobile advertising comes as a solution for you. You can directly reach an unlimited number of customers in a single go via ad platforms like moLotus, InMobi, etc. moLotus could reach millions of subscribers in one go on their mobile phones irrespective of phone model or type- smart, feature & i-phones.


2. Enhance customer interactions

 The success of an ad lies in its interactivity - triggering immediate attention and generating action. Mobile advertising platforms have overpowered other forms of advertising in terms of interactivity. Studies suggest that mobile ads with "Call us now" or "Call now" buttons attract 8% more customers than other ads.  Therefore Telcos should resort to interactive mobile ads enabled with advanced customer response options like SMS, callback, and clickable links. Platforms offering such options like moLotus are already becoming the choice of top Telecom brands. A vast majority of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.  are also offering limited interactivity.


3. Targeting & Personalization

Personalization is a key differentiation factor as regards to advertising. Mobile ad and social media ad platforms generally do not offer personalization options, such as name, greeting, reward, call to action, etc. for each customer that could make your ad highly effective. Telcos possess rich subscriber data which acts as the key enabler for hyper-personalization. By creating hyper-targeted offers and ads you can tap this vast array of subscriber base and maximize revenue. It would be interesting to note that in the case of the moLotus ad platform, targeting can be done based on your own customer data. Your personalized content reaches directly to the message inbox of the subscriber and stays there until deleted by the subscriber himself. Dynamic telco and brands have already reaped the benefits and monetized a vast array of their customer data. It’s your turn now.


4. Real-time Performance Analysis

Mobile ad platforms equip telco marketers with effective real-time ad tracking and analyzing features. Mobile messaging platforms like InMobi, moLotus, Airpush, etc. are well-equipped with real-time progressive trackers. Using them operators can manage, analyze, and optimize campaigns.


5. Cost-effectiveness

The advent of mobile marketing has led to the creation of effective campaigns on a shoestring budget. Telecom players can get rid of their burgeoning advertising costs by adopting suitable mobile ad tools. The average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for the ad campaigns has been growing over the years - thanks to the emergence of intelligent ad platforms like Google Ads, moLotus, etc. Telcos can keep its marketing budget on track. In pursuit of a cost-effective ad platform as a telecom marketer,  moLotus could be an economical and effective alternative to other digital ad tools. It is an ideal option for you to reach your customers on their phones at the lower cost without depending on any app download or active internet connection.


It is quite evident that the future of advertising is mobile. Having business transformation potential, mobile video ad platforms like moLotus are already assisting telco brands in creating innovative ad campaigns and enabling them to maximize revenues. As a telecommunication marketer, communicate better with your customers via mobile ads, co-creating experiences, and improving intimacy.