Concentrix and Squire Technologies Partner to Deliver Advanced Real-Time Billing Solutions to Emerging Markets

  • Posted by SquireTech
  • March 17, 2021 2:01 PM GMT

As the global pandemic continues to accelerate digital transformation, providing the very best customer experience has become more important than ever. With the perception of your brand increasingly driven by your customers' digital interactions, your CX solutions play a crucial role as you navigate the economic challenges of the day.

Concentrix creates and provides exceptional experiences across the customer journey for the world’s leading brands. Focusing on the telecommunications industry their subdivision ‘Mobile Network Solutions’ bring a modern rating and charging functionality needed for next generation networks catering for Voice, Video, SMS and Data.

With rapid smartphone adoption on the African continent in recent years driving digital innovation and transformation, Concentrix Mobile Network Solutions turned to UK signaling and interworking specialists Squire Technologies to help integrate their Online Charging Solution (OCS) platform into CAMEL based networks, and unlock the potential of emerging markets in the region.

Squire Technologies' highly flexible Interworking Function (IWF) provides the opportunity to integrate leading edge OSS/BSS network components into next generation and legacy networks. Traversing the hybrid mix of networks it translates and converts between multiple standards and protocols, and enables Concentrix Mobile Network Solutions to seamlessly integrate their Diameter based online charging platform into CAMEL based networks.

For Concentrix Mobile Network Solutions customers, this provides the opportunity to adopt an advanced OCS platform and offer robust real-time rating and charging services, while still being able to communicate with their existing CAMEL based network equipment. Crucially it enables them to do this without the need to overhaul their core network, not only expanding their market to new customers but also saving them significant infrastructure costs.

“We are pleased to have Squire Technologies as a partner and by including their IWF platform, along with our Online Charging Solution we are in a stronger position to offer a much more vigorous digital transformation within the African Market." Jill Grisdale, Head of Delivery, Mobile Network Solutions.

“I am extremely pleased that we have established a technology partnership between Concentrix and Squire Technologies. With the current industry trends such as IoT, 5G and even 6G, digital transformation is very much a key aspect for operators in many regions and is an important foundation for customer satisfaction and subscriber retention.” Ben Teversham, Sales Manager at Squires Technologies.

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