Senior Military Officials to Discuss Strategies for Pilot Retention at Military Flight Training 2019

  • Posted by Maria Ardael
  • August 1, 2019 11:19 AM BST
SMi Reports: Pilot retention is a new topic of discussion at this year’s Military Flight Training Conference, taking place in London this October

Pilot shortage continues to be an issue for the Air Forces worldwide. In fact, at the end of 2018 the service needed about 2,000 pilots. However, in a new study, the Air Force and the Department of Defense (DoD) tackles the pilot issue from all angles; how they can make up the shortage and the challenges associated with it.


“A balanced pilot production, absorption and sustainment system is critical to meeting pilot requirements,” the DoD report states. However, the report also said, “even that significant improvement won’t get the Air Force to its production requirements in the out years”.


Building strategies for pilot retention and the challenges associated with it is a new topic of discussion at this year’s Military Flight training conference, commencing on 9th – 10th October in London. Two senior military officials will be exploring this topic on day-one of the event:


Colonel Julien Moreau, Commanding Officer, Flying Educations and Training Command, French Air Force will be presenting an opening keynote briefing on ‘Creating a Dynamic and Comprehensive Approach to French Military Aviation Training’, covering:

  • Preparing future pilots for high operational tendencies as the FAF commits to multiple dynamic missions worldwide
  • Creating a holistic and efficient approach to pilot training from phase 1 to advanced flight training
  • New processes and methods aimed at enhancing pilot preparedness in each aviation domain
  • Building strategies for pilot retention, reducing attrition


Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Koell, Commander of the Pilot Training Institute, Austrian Air Force will be presenting on ‘Austrian Fast-Jet Training: Safeguarding Future Fast Jet Capabilities’, covering:

  • Preparing pilots for specific air defence operations by collaborating with other central European air forces
  • Overcoming challenges in pilot numbers, creating effective strategies to reduce pilot workload and fatigue
  • Prioritising pilot retention to prevent future weakening of air combat effectiveness
  • Integrating new solutions for optimal pilot training experience: working with industry and third-party contractors


The event brochure with the full agenda and speaker line-up is available to download online at    



At the two-day conference, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from international military decision-makers giving their thoughts and perspectives on the challenges and future possibilities of flight training. Day-one will focus on fast-jet training, fixed-wing training, and innovation and experiment in flight training. Day-two will feature exclusive updates on rotary-wing training, multi-national flight training, and simulation and synthetic training.


For those interested in attending, there is an early bird saving of £200 available for bookings placed before 30th August. Registrations can be made online at    


Military Flight Training 2019

9th – 10th October

London, UK


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