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    AsiaInfo supplies the world's most advanced IT software solutions and services to the telecommunications industry, delivering innovation and cost efficiencies which give our customers a competitive advantage.

    Our Veris™ product suite is the leading telecoms BSS solution in the dynamic Asian market, where it provides advanced capabilities for some of the world’s largest telcos. Built on AsiaInfo's 20+ years of experience in the telecoms industry, and serving almost a billion subscribers, Veris is now being used by operators worldwide.

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  • Meet AsiaInfo at CEM in Telecoms in Vienna, Sept 22-24

    The 2015 edition of the CEM in Telecoms European Summit has been designed specifically to address this challenge and many more. With the help of our Global Advisory Board, Telecoms IQ have revamped the conference agenda and format.

  • Meet AsiaInfo at Next Generation BSS in London, Oct 7-8 2015

    AsiaInfo will also be showcasting its Veris Real Time Intelligence (RTI) suite - a collection of unique, telecom focused, Big data analytics solutions. Veris RTI solutions enables operators to generate contex - aware, personalized marketing offers in real time. It arms in telecom operators to future proof their business model, by fundamentally transforming their focus from dump bits to inteligents bits. This suite incorporates two modules: The Veris Customer Engagement Center/CEC (real-time complex event processing analytics) and Veris C(network events driven contextualizing analytics).

    Other demos from our Veris Suite will icludude:

    • Real-Time Self Service (RTSS) - Real-time convergent charging and policy control that deliveres a superior customer experience and helps monetize mobile data. 
    • Dealer-in-a-box – Centralized, simple and out of the box, management platform that introduces transparency, efficiency and effectiveness between operators and the complex web of micro-dealers.

    Our VP of International Product Marketing, Dr. Andy Tiller, will present a Keynote speech on Day One of the event. Topic will be annouced soon!

  • Meet AsiaInfo at Mobile World Congress 2016

    At MWC 2015, we launched an updated version on of Veris CRM. It was a key attraction for visitors in 2015. It's truly omni-channel architecture enables operators to support their subscribers across all channels. Our analytics product line - Veris RTI was another star of the show, with it's CEC and Cdemos that were very well received and shown frequently. The multi-award winning, RTSS (Real-time Self Service) went through an upgrade.

    The new RTSS+ had some great new features, which impressed the audience. The OTT phenomenon continued to be a major concern for the operations, and this raised a great deal of interest in the new Veris O2P. We will be showcasing these products at MWC 2016, plus new innovations from our Veris suite. Watch this space...