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    TIERONE provides innovative solutions for Communications Service Providers insome of the most challenging fast moving makets. TIERONE solitions cover two main solution areas. The first is a unique in the market approach to Customer Self Service Enablement enabled by its e-portal solution.  This solution provides Omni Channel Capabilities, and complete Customer Care Lifecycle through a single application. It is built to utilise your existing infrastructure and has been implemented in large scale complex environments within a matter of months showing


    TIERONEs second solution is Network Resource Management, enabled by its Net-Portal offering. This solution covers Activation, Inventory, Discovery, and Device Management. Net-Portal offers a service aware approach through its network aware service catalogue. It also offers zero touch activation. Deployment of Net-Portal will guarantee a minimum 50% reduction in OPEX


    TIERONE also brings proven implementation capability  within complex Communications Service Providers infratructures. Thus being able to show examples of rapid deployment of systems enabling step change in service levels and efficiency within very short lead times.


    Specific examples of where TIERONE has demonstrated how to support and enable the transformation are at Comcast, Rogers, Verizon, Allstream and many others. Leveraging the knowledge gained from these high-profile deployments makes TIERONE a valuable partner in service provider B/OSS and transformation initiatives.


    In conjunction with its solutions and services capability TIERONE has completed over 1,100 successful projects in the field. Through this  TIERONE has acquired great expertise and insight into the business of telecommunications, specifically on how CSPs can really engage with their customers. Whether it’s through solution delivery, service and maintenance, managed services, consultancy or training, TIERONE is committed to helping CSPs improve their efficiency and effectiveness.


    TIERONE provides a team of subject matter experts who have deep expertise in telecommunications, network and IT, service provider business environments, business processes, systems integration and data migration, network and service management, and program management. We are constantly working to expand its services portfolio and capabilities worldwide and our service offerings to support the growing and dynamic needs of the Communications Service Provider industry.