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    The Internet of Things (IoT) is now a reality with many viable technology solutions available for deployment to connect and control large numbers of devices in the network. It empowers us to monitor, measure and control the ‘things’ around us to an extent we were not able to do previously.


    One of the obvious applications of IoT is seen in Smart city initiatives where technology is being used to optimise and enhance water, energy and gas management and distribution, public safety, urbanisation, garbage management amongst others.


    To take full advantage of the opportunity created by IoT and smart city, enterprises must be able to monetize the new services being delivered. Money is at every step in the value chain and IoT and smart city service providers need to realise this revenue. A business model which is sustainable and profitable needs to be adopted for effective monetisation. Customer centricity is a critical aspect for a sustained business. Any service, that is provided with a great deal of perceived value as against a commoditised offering is what makes a business and an offer stand out in the market.


    SunTec in association with its technology partners, have created a fully integrated IoT enablement platform that facilitates IoT and smart city services of any kind to be conceived, delivered and monetized for any market and through any business model. Service providers can elect to use pre-paid, post-paid or convergent charging models with consumer or enterprise customers. They can apply dynamic pricing with highest pricing flexibility in complex scenarios thereby realising revenues.


    Service providers also need to explore opportunities in the 2-way communication channel between themselves and their customers which was traditionally one way communication. Increased customer engagement and service personalisation can lead to enhanced customer loyalty and lifetime value which is the key in retaining customers and sustaining a business. You can read more about the 2-way IoT here.


    With the proliferation of channels through which customers and other stakeholders can access the providers’ information and services, together with increasing business and service complexity, there is a rapidly growing requirement for a ‘Middle Office. This is required to mediate between the multiple channels, partners and internal back offices and enable all of these to evolve. You can read the detailed whitepaper here.


    Xelerate is already being used by some of the world’s biggest brands in monetising their IoT services including Home Automation, Security, Energy and Logistics solutions across the globe. You can check out the case study here.


    For more details on the IoT and Smart city offerings by SunTec, you can meet us at TM Forum Live! 2016. Write to us at to schedule a meeting.