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    TOA provides the only enterprise-grade, on-demand mobile workforce management solutions

    Mobile workforce management software has been around for many years. However, most companies with mobile workers are using outmoded software on legacy platforms that have not fundamentally evolved in 25 years, or they are using manual processes with no automation at all. TOA provides a state-of-the-art mobile workforce management solution that runs 99.996% of the time, requires no installation or maintenance, is completely configurable, does not have any associated license fees and delivers a new paradigm for managing people in the field.


    At TOA, we measure time, because a time-based approach to mobile workforce management ultimately leads to a better customer experience. Our predictive technology measures how long it takes to perform tasks, accumulating information about what is happening in the field and using this information to provide better planning and management of the workday, making TOA’s approach to mobile workforce management truly revolutionary:

    • Time-Based: Our solutions measure everything that occurs in the field for each mobile employee, every minute of every day, enabling our technology to create comprehensive technician performance pattern profiles.
    • Predictive: These performance pattern profiles are fed into our proprietary statistical analysis algorithm and deliver reduced service window predictions that are 96% accurate.
    • Self-Learning: TOA’s software never stops collecting data – never stops learning – so the system’s results never stop improving. The mobile workforce world is never static and neither are we. Self-Learning means a dynamic system for your dynamic world.
    • Customer-Focused: Ensuring a positive customer experience is at the root of our solution. Not only do we shorten wait times, we also keep customers in the communication loop.

    Most Reliable Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

    When it comes to managing your critical field employees, you can’t afford downtime. With 99.996% uptime this year, TOA is the most reliable mobile workforce management solution because it runs real-time, on-demand.

    Most Flexible Enterprise Asset Management Software

    TOA’s mobile workforce management solution is completely configurable. Our system was designed to handle all the unique sophistication of your business. However complex your work environment, however big your workforce, however many languages they speak, our system is built to handle it. With over 50 successful implementations worldwide for some of the largest and most demanding customers on the planet, we welcome any and all challenges.

    Most Up To Date Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

    Because TOA delivers state-of-the-art Software as a Service, you will always have the most updated version of our enterprise mobile workforce management software free. Additionally, the system requires no cumbersome installation because it sits on the web, ready to be integrated with your systems. Finally, TOA does not charge any software license fees. You only pay for what you use.


    Mobile business optimization. It’s about time.


    Whitepaper : Mobilizing in the Cloud