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    Accelerate your business with Etiya !


    Etiya is a leading Next generation Product, Catalogue and Order Management solution provider. Etiya’s transformational solutions are certified with the TM Forum frameworks which means they are industry tested, open, and future proven. Etiya’s implementations have been nominated twice by TM Forum for the prestigious “Solutions Excellence” awards in 2012 and in 2013.


    While prioritizing performance over bells and whistles to deliver the most customer value our award winning solution Telaura stays ahead of its competition.


    Noted achievements include a 71.8% decrease in the average customer waiting time in call centres, a 75% decrease in the time-to-market, and a 35% decrease in the churn rate. Telaura’s Campaign Management, Contact Management, Workforce Management, Churn Management are designed to leverage the right data for the right issue in order to ensure solid decisions are made.


    Somemto, the Social Media Management tool, is integrated to your platform from desktop, cloud, and through mobile applications. Somemto can allocate solutions by foreseeing customer trends to keep your business one step ahead of the customer and the market. Somemto uses the big data technologies to extract the valuable data from all social media landscapes.


    Etiya is driven by the leading edge professional minds infused with the human touch for designing customized products, delivering technologies with a multitude of channels, building long-term relationships by providing personalized support.