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EoIP, VoIP & SIP for Technical Audiences (Course N-EOIP).

11/18/09 1:15 PM - 11/18/09 4:00 PM
HostEogogics, Inc.
his one-day course, offered live on the World Wide Web with two-way interactivity, is aimed at telecommunications professionals who wish to truly understand the move toward Everything over IP (EoIP), with an emphasis on one of its leading variants: Voice over IP (VoIP).<br /><br />The course, taught in two half-day sessions, is a special WebLive™ version of our two-day traditional classroom course that has been presented numerous times worldwide and received many accolades. Beginning with a look at the macro drivers of EoIP, we will explore all that it makes possible. The last hour of the course will take a more in-depth look at VoIP and the engine that powers it, and much of EoIP, namely SIP, the Session Initiation Protocol. By the end of the course, you will see that a lot of what sounds like hype and futuristic theories is actually real right now or, if not, it will be shortly. You will go away from the course having broadened your EoIP horizon and significantly enhanced the way you approach IP. Taking advantage of the interactive capabilities of our WebLive™ system, we will allow plenty of time for audience polling and questions/answers.<br /><br />Date and Time: Nov 18-19; two 1/2 day sessions, each from 2:15 PM to 5 PM (US Eastern Time)<br /><br />Cost: $495 (seats are limited, sign up now).<br /><br />Eogogics, Inc.
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