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2nd Annual Cyber Security Summit

4/10/12 7:30 AM - 4/11/12 4:30 PM
VenuePrague, Czech Republic
2nd Annual Enterprise Cyber Security Summit&nbsp;is the most important annual gathering from across the EMEA looking at how to maximize security in the European cyber space.&nbsp;This forum was produced in a unique way&nbsp;&ndash; directly by group of industry professionals lead by Mr. Ondrej Krehel,&nbsp;a senior government specialist working for nation's premier identity theft and data breach management service, and&nbsp;for CISO's from leading companies. Top Features:&nbsp; <ul> <li> Premium Senior Level Speakers</li> <li> Improved panel discussion formats & fresh topics</li> <li> Speed dating & Q&A hotspot</li> <li> Topics prepared by your industry peers</li> <li> As requested: Post Conference Program - Meet the Prague!</li> <li> Featured Dinners&nbsp;</li> </ul> As a result, conference&nbsp;program reflects actual trends and challenges&nbsp;which professionals are facing these days in a real world.&nbsp;Program provides interactive and highly practical guide for all industry peers. Your Exclusive Speaker Panel: This summit was produced together with senior industry professionals and institutions such as European Central Bank, OWASP, HTCIA, UBS, RWE, Rabobank, Raiffeisen Group, Theft 911, Police Academy of Czech Republic, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, If (Finland), former senior security experts fromFBI, NYPD, and others, find more here <a href="">>></a> 16 best practicesfrom different European & US companies, including lessons learned from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, presented by Mr. Mika Rintam&auml;ki (If, Finland) or real cyber-attack examples and their proliferation in the environment presented by Mr. Anthony Reyes (USA), Former President at HTCIA and Retired Cyber Detective Investigator. Risks, just like an iceberg, are mostly invisible until a disaster happens... then you realize that all the signs were there but were ignored... Read here more <a href="">>></a>
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