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Telecoms Fraud and Risk Management

1/1/70 1:00 AM - 1/1/70 1:00 AM
HostTelecoms IQ
VenueSheraton Park Lane<br />Piccadilly, London <br />W1J 7BX <br /><br />
Is your fraud department operating efficiently to deliver measurable ROI to your company? Can you measure the value of the preventive anti-fraud strategies that you have implemented? And are you struggling to keep up with the new fraud risks associated with evolving technologies and mobile networks? With leading fraud professionals from across Europe assembling to share their experiences of saving 1000s of Euros per month through improved fraud identification, monitoring and reduction strategies, <a href="">Telecoms Fraud and Risk Management</a> is the must attend event of your calendar this year. Taking place in London between 5th and 8th December 2011, <a href="">Telecoms Fraud and Risk Management</a> examines how to develop the preventive measures required to tackle new fraud risks whilst minimising the operating costs of your fraud and revenue assurance departments. <a href="">Register now</a> to discover how: - Optimus are tightening their international revenue share fraud security to avoid falling into the common pitfalls that can cause your company significant losses<br /> - UPC Communications have developed an internal low cost fraud detection system that demonstrates significant ROI to the company<br /> - Virgin Mobile and Telenor Hungary are getting to the roots of their subscription fraud challenges<br /> - Orange Switzerland are implementing new techniques to mitigate against gateway fraud<br /> - Telecom Italia and Airtel Africa are securing their m-commerce offerings<br /> - Vodafone Romania have transformed their security measures to drastically reduce the incidence of PABX hacking<br /> &nbsp; <a href="">Download the programme</a> now or simply reply to this email and I will send you a copy. If you are looking to develop new fraud countermeasures that minimise the risks from evolving network and services, you cannot afford to miss the only event that focuses on identifying the new fraud threats on the horizon and how operators should be keeping up with the changing landscape. Plus! Take advantage of two targeted workshop days highlighting the challenges in developing new fraud strategies with measurable outcomes and helping you to build a successful business case with a demonstrable ROI. Secure your place today Phone: +44 (0) 20 7368 9737<br /> Online: <a href=""></a><br /> Email: <a href=""></a> Please remember to quote your priority booking code when registering: MP_FRAUD_BA
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