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WaveForum 2011 Latin America

11/15/11 8:06 AM - 11/17/11 4:06 PM
HostDigi International
VenueSan Jose, Costa Rica
Education on the latest advances in wireless M2M device networking has never been easier. WaveForum brings together industry experts from around the world to focus on providing communication to remote devices and management through device cloud networking. Attend one of our many in-person conferences or online webinars. The WaveForum developer&rsquo;s conference is a three-day event. It&nbsp; will feature many different technical sessions covering a variety of topics including: <ul> <li> Setting up a mesh network</li> <li> Protocol Selection</li> <li> iDigi - cloud computing for M2M networks</li> <li> Long-range wireless backhaul via cellular and satellite</li> <li> AMI/AMR wireless solutions</li> <li> Wireless monitoring systems for street lighting</li> </ul> They will also host networking events, technical demos and executive meetings and become more familiar with different types of communication hardware and software.
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