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OTT TV World Summit

11/15/11 7:15 AM - 11/17/11 5:00 PM
HostInforma Telecoms & Media
VenueThistle Marble Arch Hotel<br />Bryanston Street<br />London<br />W1H 7EH
Content and Service Provider Strategies for Transforming the TV Experience<br /> <br /> OTTtv was embraced by audiences with astonishing speed and proved to be a disruptive service that will shift the relationships across major stakeholders in the value chain of delivery of video content. Now it is not enough to deliver content on the TV set only - now content providers need to develop their multiscreen strategy in order to stay in tune with the demands of customers.<br /> <br /> Telecom operators have recognised the power of OTT and started offering multiscreen services supported by both OTT and managed approach. Cable networks and broadcasters are also building business models and finding out what will work for different consumer profiles.<br /> <br /> It has become of a paramount importance for everyone to recognise the advantages of OTT for multi-screen delivery, and discover who will win the largest piece of the pie.<br /> <br /> OTT is here to stay and the faster the adoption by providers the better the uptake by consumers. Telcos, ISPs, Broadcasters, Cable and content providers alike need to gather and discuss how to enhance and change TV viewing experience. TV evolution has reached its peak with converged projects appearing daily on the international scene. Smart TVs and smart devices have spurred the growth putting a strain on the already burdened networks. Defining what the future pay TV operator will look like is on the strategic forefront of major telecom operators, internet/online TV providers, ISP&rsquo;s, Cable, Satellite, Content Owners and aggregators.<br /> <br /> Building on the success of <a href="" target="_blank">OTTtv World Summit </a>2010, the 2011 event will grow further and look into the future of TV delivery. OTTtv will give TV providers the edge and monetise the &ldquo;premium TV services&rdquo;. This conference is the only dedicated event in the world addressing the strategic opportunities in the OTT space where you can hear from directors of projects and first hand testimonials about the mounting success of OTT platforms and strategies to penetrate pay TV markets. It will also feature a special focus day addressing multiplatform TV.
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