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6th Annual Mobile VAS Summit 2012

3/13/12 11:30 PM - 3/15/12 11:44 AM
HostIQPC Worldwide
VenuePrince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia<br />Southeast Asia
Leverage on operators&rsquo; existing capabilities to generate more revenue from your application store, mobile social media, mobile commerce and cloud-based mobile applications <a href="">6th Annual Mobile VAS Asia Summit</a> will gather industry leaders from the telecom, handset manufacturing and operating system industries to shape the future development of mobile VAS. New for Mobile VAS Summit 2012!<br /> <br /> - Application Stores: How can Operators create a winning case to gain full control over their revenue and subscriber base?<br /> <br /> - Mobile Social Media: Leveraging on the mobile social network to drive mobile data and SMS revenue<br /> <br /> - Mobile Commerce: Assessing the technologies, business models and the future players of the mobile commerce industry<br /> <br /> - Cloud Based Mobile Applications: Providing mobile cloud services to meet the increasing needs of multi-mobile device (smartphones, tablets and computers) users and to improve customer stickiness<br /> <br /> - Convergence of TV, newspaper, internet and mobile: Implementation, key statistics, lessons learned and future developments<br /> <br /> For more information, contact us <a href="">online</a>, via <a href="">email</a> or call +65 6722 9388. Complimentary for a limited time only! Industry articles/past presentations by key mobile operators available for download at <a href=""></a>.&nbsp;
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