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WiMAX: FREE 1-hr Mini-course for All Audiences (Course S-WMX)

10/8/09 12:00 PM - 10/8/09 1:00 PM
HostEogogics Inc.
This one hour mini-course, taught live on the World Wide Web with two-way interactivity, is aimed at all who need a quick, non-technical introduction to WiMAX. It will help you understand how WiMAX marks a seismic shift in telecommunications from a copper-wire and circuit-switched world to a highly disruptive, wireless, packet-switched or “flat” network architecture. Covered are: Comparison with existing telecommunications technologies, a broad overview of the WiMAX technology, performance issues, applications, and economics.<br /><br />Date and Time: Oct. 8, 2009 from 1 PM - 2 PM (US Eastern Time)<br /><br />Cost: FREE! But requires registration (seats are limited, sign up now.)
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