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Mobile World Congress 2012

2/27/12 8:00 AM - 3/1/12 4:00 PM
VenueBarcelona, Spain
Mobile World Congress 2011 was by all accounts a record-breaking year: <ul> <li> Highest-ever total attendance:&nbsp; more than 60,000</li> <br /> <li> Largest-ever senior-level audience: more than 58%</li> <br /> <li> Highest-ever number of CEOs in attendance: more than 3,000</li> <br /> <li> Largest-ever number of exhibitors:&nbsp; 1,400</li> <br /> <li> Largest-ever number of press: 2,900+ press members representing 1,500 media outlets</li> <br /> <li> Largest-ever gathering of Mobile App Developers: more than 12,000</li> </ul> &nbsp;Year over year, the <a href="">GSMA Mobile World Congress</a> attracts the largest number and highest-quality attendees of any event in the mobile industry. And true to our name, this is truly a global event: attendees came from 200 countries from around the world.
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