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Customer Segmentation and Churn Management

10/15/12 9:00 AM - 10/18/12 5:00 PM
HostTelecoms IQ
VenueCopthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK
Taking place in London from 15 - 18 October 2012, <a href="">Customer Segmentation and Churn Management</a> will offer a unique opportunity to hear from an expert panel of 20 operator representative, which employ different customer segmentation models to create targeted marketing campaigns in order to reduce churn process. The event features two main conference days packed with operator case studies, and two focused workshops, allowing attendees the opportunity to further analyse compelling topics. <a href="">View the full agenda</a> and <a href="">Register now to save up to &euro;800!</a> Your Competiros will be there, will You? For further information call + 44 (0) 20 7368 9737, email: <a href="" title=""></a> or <a href="">download your Customer Segmentation and Churn Management brochure</a>. &nbsp; We look forward to seeing you there! Telecoms IQ &nbsp;
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