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Mobile Application Development Strategies

9/26/11 9:00 AM - 9/28/11 6:00 PM
<br /> Telecoms IQ's <a href="">Mobile Application Development Strategies</a>conference will bring together mobile operators and app developers from across Europe and the Middle East. You will learn how to effectively market and distribute apps to reach the widest possible audience and how apps can be used as a differentiator to attract and retain customers. In addition, you will hear how to work with app developers to create your own branded apps and how to develop your own app stores to maximise profits from this lucrative revenue stream. <a href="">Download the brochure</a>now for further details. To register for <a href="">Mobile Application Development Strategies</a>, please use one of the following methods: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7368 9300 Email: Web: <a href="" title="blocked::blocked::"></a>Please quote your priority code: MP_TP_MADS Take advantage of a programme led by exclusive operator and developer case studies including:<br /><ul><br /> <li><br /> Learn from Telefonica O2 UK why and how they have developed their BlueVia platform</li><br /> <li><br /> Hear Vodafone Germany examine the mobile apps status quo and identify the opportunities for mobile operators</li><br /> <li><br /> Discuss with&nbsp;Avea the potential of different apps and evaluate whether app stores are worth investing in</li><br /> <li><br /> Understand&nbsp;from Orange France Telecom what operators need to do to market and sell their services to app developers&nbsp;</li><br /> <li><br /> See how&nbsp;Telenor Pakistan are leveraging established app stores to secure their place in the app ecosystem</li><br /></ul><br />
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