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LTE Asia Summit 2011

10/19/11 2:30 AM - 10/19/11 12:30 PM
HostVirtue Insight
VenueShangri-La Hotel, New Delhi, India.
<br /> LTE Asia Summit 2011<br /><br /> &ldquo;Join the race towards LTE!&rdquo;<br /><br /> &nbsp;<br /><br /> 19th October 2011, Shangri-La Hotel, New Delhi, India.<br /><br /> For more info on the event and for event brochure kindly visit &ndash;<br /><br /> <a href=""></a><br /><br /> &nbsp;<br /><br /> Key Themes Discussed at this Summit:<br /><ul><br /> <li><br /> Evaluating LTE launch & developing marketing strategies to achieve optimum revenue in Asia</li><br /> <li><br /> Challenges and upcoming opportunities of LTE facing towards 2012</li><br /> <li><br /> Find out in what way the wireless environment looks like in 2012 and beyond.</li><br /> <li><br /> Inquiring the ethics and latest advancements for LTE</li><br /> <li><br /> In which way can LTE produce more profits than current 3G technologies?</li><br /> <li><br /> Examining the current status of broadband in India & finding the opportunities in promising markets</li><br /> <li><br /> Spectrum license for LTE and the various regulations and its surrounding</li><br /> <li><br /> Identifying the challenges of competing with fixed fine broadband and how can mobile operators hit in challenging with fixed broadband</li><br /> <li><br /> How can operators migrate their network to LTE?</li><br /> <li><br /> LTE and fixed broadband - competition or new experience?</li><br /> <li><br /> How will 4G networks continue to evolve and how will converged 4g life look like?</li><br /> <li><br /> Analyzing the major technical challenges of deploying LTE in India</li><br /> <li><br /> Business drivers & victorious strategy for accessing LTE in India</li><br /> <li><br /> How LTE may change the end user experience</li><br /> <li><br /> How could LTE be the foundation and treated as the main technology for next generation mobile networks.</li><br /> <li><br /> Interesting case studies and lessons to be learned from other successful Asian markets</li><br /> <li><br /> Recognizing the main organizers in the world market - Roll of LTE amongst the mobile networks - Be part of a major networking opportunity</li><br /></ul><br /><br /> &nbsp;<br /><br /> Who Should Attend: <br /><br /> This event will gather representatives from leading<br /><br /> Telecom Network Operators &ndash; Wire line/Wireless, Senior Technology & Planning Managers from Telecom Operators, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, COOs, Chief Technologists from competitive carriers, VPs &ndash; (Business Strategy, IT, Network, Technology, Network Planning and Management) Directors, Head of Strategic Planning, Head of Customer Services, Cellular Service Providers &ndash; GSM & CDMA, Mobile Network Operators, Fixed Carriers, Mobile Internet Device Manufacturers, Application Providers, Investment Bankers, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Telecom Network Infrastructure Vendors, Network Services Providers/ISP/ILEC/CLEC/WISP/MSO, Telecom Associations & Regulators, Handset Manufacturers &ndash; GSM & CDMA, DOT, DIT, Ministries & Regulators, Representatives from TRAI, Telecom Industry Fraternity, Consultancies..&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><br /> &nbsp;<br /><br /> Why Should You Attend: <br /><br /> LTE Asia Summit 2011- &ldquo;Join the race towards LTE!&rdquo;<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Get more from the event, with abroader scope bringing the whole communications value chain together. Enjoy and make the best out of ourdedicated networking drinks time, meet the leading international vendors showcasing the products of tomorrow in the co-located exhibition. Expand your knowledge of the latest business models and strategies in the high-level conference.<br /><br /> &nbsp;<br /><br /> Ordering Delegate Place &ndash; <br /><br /> Register now as delegate, sponsor and exhibitor <br /><br /> Early Bird Discounted Price - Conference Delegate Pass (INR 4,000 + Tax per delegate) - Book and Pay before 19th September 2011 to avail the early bird discounted price. You can simply email or call and book your conference delegate seats on TEL: +91 (44) 2377 0517. Email&ndash;<a href=""></a><br /><br /> Standard Price after 19th September - Conference Delegate Pass (INR 5,000 + Tax per delegate) - You can simply email or call and book your conference delegate seats on TEL: +91 (44) 2377 0517. Email &ndash;<a href=""></a><br /><br /> Conference Sponsor & Exhibition Stall - Should you wish to Sponsor, or purchase a Exhibiton Stall (Booth) or a paid Speaker Slot, you can simply email your interest and queries to &ndash;<a href=""></a><br />
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