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Interconnection and Termination Rates

9/19/11 9:00 AM - 9/22/11 6:00 PM
VenueInterContinental Vienna, Austria
<br /> Interconnection and Termination Ratesprovides you an unique opportunity to join other fixed, mobile and integrated operators and national regulatory authorities from across Europe and the MENA regions to discuss how to apply pure LRIC methodology to develop new interconnect costing models, and how to implement and minimise the impact of lower termination rates.<br /><br /> &nbsp;Take advantage of 16 operator and regulator cases studies, such as <br /><br /> - Hear from Wind how regulators and operators can effectively work together to ensure a smooth transition to lower termination rates<br /><br /> - Learn from Deutsche Telekom how they are evolving IP interconnection to enable QoS based services<br /><br /> - Establish from BIPT the architecture required for, and the cost drivers behind, VoIP interconnection<br /><br /> For more details about exactly who you can expect to meet and hear from, please visit <a href="" title="blocked::"></a>. <br />
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