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Mobile VAS Africa 2012

5/14/12 6:30 AM - 5/15/12 2:00 PM
VenueDakar, Senegal
<br /> Mobile VAS Africa 2012 is going to be the comprehensive conference in the Mobile VAS Industry in Africa. The conference will bring together decision makers and influencers of the Mobile VAS worldwide.<br /><br /> Delegates will learn to take advantage of modern technologies and latest trends. Mobile VAS Africa is the unique place to connect with new and existing contacts but most important learn from industry experts.<br /><br /> &nbsp;Mobile VAS AFRICA 2012 will focus on five core areas:<br /><br /> 1. Mobile VAS Market trends in Africa and in other continents<br /><br /> 2. Latest Technology applications and Services<br /><br /> 3. Operator's Mobile VAS Strategies<br /><br /> 4. Social Networks and Mobile Marketing<br /><br /> 5. Mobile Money&nbsp;<br />
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