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Mobile Forum: Augmented Reality

6/14/11 4:30 PM - 6/14/11 10:00 PM
Venue1065 La Avenida Street
Mountain View, CA 94043
<br /> Augmented Reality is the practice of using overlays of virtual information on top of the real world. The most common example of this is viewing a cityscape through your smartphone's camera, with Internet-based data appearing on top of the image on your screen. Imagine looking at a street of restaurants with Yelp ratings superimposed, or a tourism walk through Paris with historical data superimposed on buildings. There is also the attractive commercial aspect of coupons or adverts appearing over businesses, especially in response to stated preferences or a search. Who are the players in augmented reality? How does it go from where it is into the mainstream? What will AR look like, and will there be a typical approach, or will there be many different versions? In this mobile version, we'll layer some hard data on top of your image of the meeting room, and augment your knowledge of augmentation. About The Mobile Forum: The Telecom Council&rsquo;s Mobile Forum gathers approximately 75 wireless executives every 8-10 weeks to discuss topics pushing the envelope of innovation for mobile. These meetings are &frac12; day executive format meetings with plenty of networking time, presentations, panels, and startup presentation which offer wireless carriers, vendors, startups, and investors a venue to connect, communicate, and collaborate. These meetings are free the Telecom Council members, or $200 for non-members when space allows.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />
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