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African Telecoms Billing And Revenue Assurance

8/31/09 10:54 AM - 9/3/09 11:54 AM
VenueWestin Grand Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa
As the African telecoms market continues its rapid growth, new technologies are introduced, mobile networks updated and innovative services are launched, a wide range of new billing, RA and fraud challenges are facing African operators. These challenges are further compounded by increasing convergence and the volatile economic climate.<br /><br />In order to ensure revenue growth from the latest technological innovations and adequately address the potential effects of the current economic downturn, African operators need to develop and adapt their billing, RA and fraud strategies, processes and systems.<br /><br />This year’s event programme will analyse the key challenges in the area of billing, RA and fraud, providing detailed insights into their complexity and the strategies African operators are adopting to optimise their systems, internal processes and business cultures in order to effectively assure revenue from a rapidly growing subscriber base, convergent services and new business models.<br /><br />The Forum will feature two conference days and two training days, featuring 4 training sessions on key RA, billing and fraud issues. All four Forum days will provide delegates with valuable and actionable insights that they will be able to use and integrate into their daily work.<br /><br />Visit
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