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Managed Services Forum 2011

3/22/11 8:00 AM - 3/23/11 8:00 AM
HostHanseCom Media & Communications
VenueHotel VIP Arts
Lisbon, Portugal
<br /> Managed Services: Operator strategies for outsourcing, network sharing and hosting With network operators re-evaluating their future business models, managed services and outsourcing are moving up the agenda. Over the next 3 years, operators are predicted to dedicate 7% of their total spend to Managed Services - approximately $29.4bn &ndash; with massive expansion in all regional markets. Next-generation managed services provide attractive opportunities for Operators because they can be integrated into their current product and services portfolios. The Managed Services Forum 2011 provides a unique platform for operators to learn from and network with colleagues both regionally and globally. Highlighting Managed Services as an integral part of OPEX cost-cutting and customer retention strategies, the conference will examine the incumbent issues of network sharing, VAS delivery, and multiple partnerships. The Managed Services Forum 2011 offers the combination of a first class conference education, endless networking opportunities with colleagues, vendors, resellers and developers and visionary keynotes. During the conference, you will learn how to calculate the full cost of ownership to identify the real CAPEX & OPEX savings that a managed service arrangement will achieve. We will present operators that have developed managed service business models to optimize the balance between costs, QoS and flexibility. This conference will evaluate the strategies employed by different telecoms operators to identify which arrangements really deliver the benefits they offer. The Managed Services Forum 2011 will draw together top-level expert speakers from across the ecosystems of telecommunications industry and outsourcing and managed services providers to share their latest efforts in launching the projects and provide their vital business insights on how the business models can be developed for successful project implementations and the key challenges they have encountered. For more information please visit: <a href=""></a><br />
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