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WDM and Next Generation Optical Networking

6/17/13 5:00 PM - 6/21/13 1:00 AM
HostIIR Telecoms
VenueGrimaldi Forum, Monaco

600 professionals from the telecoms optical ecosystem gathered at WDM & Next Generation Optical Networking 2012 and the buzz was all about the 100G Optical Reboot and looking beyond 100G.

The common consensus was that the industry is in a once a decade transition from 10G to 100G.

100G field trials were conducted last year and 2012 has been the year we are starting to see real 100G deployments.

100G is becoming established as the new transmission standard; the building block for all the future channels and delivering scalability in the network.

Moreover, the foundations are being laid for 400G and 1T solutions, and the stage is set for more debate, cross-ecosystem discussion and solution building at WDM & Next Generation Optical Networking 2013.

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