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HR4ICT’11 - BCP: Strategic and Organisational Imperatives in a Global Economy

3/21/11 6:26 PM - 3/23/11 7:26 PM
VenueNairobi, Kenya
<br /> Natural disasters, market forces, political crises, crime, or even technological innovation can all be dramatically disruptive for businesses. Being services in their own rights as well as enablers of growth, information and communication technologies and networks are particularly exposed to many of these events. In industries such as telecoms and IT, finance and banking, transport and logistics, or mining and energy, reliance on ICTs is paramount. In knowledge economies, both government and businesses depend on sound and secure ICT infrastructure to function, and business continuity planning and management has taken centre stage as one of the most critical aspects of good governance. Beyond the need for a secure and well-managed infrastructure, organisations need effective strategies to enhance the resilience of their operations, manage risks, or ensure recovery from adverse events.<br />
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