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11th Annual Asia Billing and Revenue Assurance 2011

3/16/11 7:00 AM - 3/17/11 5:00 PM
HostBeacon events
VenueBangkok, Thailand
<br /> The programme for the&nbsp;11th Annual&nbsp;Asia Billing and Revenue Assurance 2011&nbsp;conference will be packed with over 20 operator implementation case studies, as well as technology updates from a selection of the leading solutions providers.<br /><br /> By attending the seminal Billing & Revenue Assurance event in Asia, you will improve your core skills and build the efficiency of your billing & RA processes by:<br /><ul><br /> <li><br /> <br /> Hearing a detailed and insightful case study from our Keynote Speaker - Lois Kraus, Executive Director, Revenue Assurance, AT&T<br /> </li><br /> <li><br /> <br /> Joseph Nelson M Ladaban, Vice President, Retail Billing & Credit Support, PLDT will also showcase his experience<br /> </li><br /> <li><br /> Investigating the challenges of converging billing systems, the interconnect settlement and bill shock </li><br /> <li><br /> <br /> Discussing how to process information to support Business Intelligence, CRM and Marketing departments <br /> </li><br /> <li><br /> <br /> Rethinking new and interesting ways to charge data and maximize the revenue streams from a new product idea <br /> </li><br /> <li><br /> <br /> Managing and mitigating the risk of fraud and deciding when to disconnect a user <br /> </li><br /> <li><br /> <br /> Developing strategies to gain commitment to billing and RA from the organisation and improve inter-departmental communication <br /> </li><br /></ul><br /><br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br /><br />
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