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M-Commerce World Summit 2011

4/6/11 1:00 AM - 4/7/11 10:00 AM
HostSymphony Global
VenueSingapore,Goodwood Park Hotel
<br /> Encompassing:<br /><br /> -&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mobile Money Transfer & Mobile Remittance<br /><br /> -&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mobile Payments & NFC Technologies<br /><br /> -&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mobile Banking<br /><br /> -&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Banking the Unbanked & Microfinance Services<br /><br /> -&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mobile Marketing & Advertising<br /><br /> -&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Profiting from Mobile Financial Services through Model<br /><br /> Pre-Conference Workshop: 5 April 2011 &ndash; Keeping the Hackers at bay without Putting Off Your Customers: A Primer on Usable M-Commerce Security<br /><br /> Post-Conference Workshop: 8 April 2011 - Bank-MNO Cooperation in the Mobile Money Ecosystem: Have We Moved Forward?<br /><br /> M-Commerce World Summit 2011 will draw together highly-regarded speakers representing the mobile network operators, banks, money transfer providers, mobile transfer networks, mWallets and &lsquo;interoperability hubs&rsquo;, handset manufacturers, technology and equipment providers will be invited to share their latest efforts in launching mobile financial services and the key challenges facing them<br /><br /> For more information, please visit the event website at: <a href=" "> </a><br />
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