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SatCom 2009 MECASA

12/7/09 9:27 PM - 12/9/09 10:27 PM
VenueDubai, UAE
A huge appetite for capacity<br />SatCom MECASA 2009 is where the region’s broadcasters, telcos, end users and satellite operators gather to discuss the latest opportunities in their market. It is where they will evaluate the solutions that are going to grow their customer base, drive their revenues and cut their costs.<br /><br />The Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia has become one of the most dynamic emerging markets for satellite and broadcast use. Nearly 100 percent of satellite transponders in the region are being used, according to a recent study, reflecting the demand for capacity in the region by media, telecom, and military users.<br /><br />Operators and users in the region are facing two big issues:<br /><br />* How can I defend my position in the local Middle East market?<br />* And how do I expand my business into the emerging markets of Central and South Asia?<br /><br />It is at SatCom MECASA 2009 that you can get your company’s voice heard as the market leading solutions to these most lucrative challenges faced by users and operators.<br /><br />Visit<br />
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