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Telco Fraud and Fraud Risk Prevention 2009

11/23/09 11:52 PM - 11/25/09 12:52 AM
HostIQPC Telecom
VenuePrince Hotel & Residence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Driving fraud prevention and detection with next generation service roll outs through real time user data analysis<br /><br />Annually, over $150 billion of revenue is estimated to be lost due to purely fraud cases alone. Today, fraud is undeniably the leading area of loss for global telecommunication providers.<br /><br />Fraud is a constant evolution to “clamp down” on existing methods. With complexities of new products combined with the emergence of new technology operators now more than ever are compelled to relook their operations to enhance their fraud and risk prevention whilst keeping technology cost to a minimum.<br /><br />IQPC proudly presents our 3rd Annual Telecoms Fraud and Risk Prevention Summit – Asia Pacific’s only summit dedicated to address your pressing issues on rising fraud risk you are exposed to.<br /><br />90% of the program features operator case studies to prepare your organisations for mounting fraud challenges from new content and service roll outs<br /><br />Real-life stories on flexible strategies for managing increasing fraud incidents due to the current economic situation<br /><br />Networking revolutionised! We will facilitate your ideas exchange with a diverse range of end user peers through our signature ‘executive exchange’ session<br /><br />Interactive discussion sessions to have frank discussions with current and prospective vendors all at once on how they can help you create a robust system to meet the dynamic challenges of the fraud incidents<br /><br />Visit
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