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Check In Here: The intersection of hyperlocal and mobile

11/17/10 4:30 PM - 11/17/10 10:00 PM
HostThe Telecom Council
VenueEricsson Silicon Valley
200 Holger Way
San Jose, California 95134
The hot property for 2010 is the hyperlocal, social check-in service. More than just an app, these services provide restaurant reviews, tips, flash meet-ups, and social network updates, as well as advertising and coupon platforms. These amazing apps have mashed-up some of the hottest mobile topics of 2009 into single services like Gowalla, FourSquare and more. This disrupts sectors previous dominated by players like Loopt, Yelp, loyalty programs, and directories, and is now about to be itself disrupted by Facebook. How will this scene play out, what will change, and who is going to win?<br /><br />Review agenda and register:
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