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Next Generation Network (NGN) Asia

11/24/10 8:00 AM - 11/24/10 11:00 PM
VenueHong Kong
Ovum expects the number of FTTH services in the Asia-Pacific region to nearly triple in the next five years, hitting 136 million by 2015. This raises major challenges for operators, regulators and government.<br /><br />Attendees at this workshop will hear Ovum's insights into the changes the next-generation networks will bring to the region, and their implications for players in the market.<br /><br />Regulators will benefit from:<br /><br /> * An assessment of publicly-funded NGN rollout – both pros and cons<br /> * Analysis of approaches to wholesale NGN regulation<br /> * Recognising and understanding early deployment experience and issues from the industry<br /><br />Operators will benefit from:<br /><br /> * Case Studies of strategies for NGN rollout<br /> * Understanding options for integrated operators vs. single-technology operators<br /> * Hearing about pricing strategies for the NGN transition<br /> * Analysis of the role of content in the NGN business case<br /><br />The programme includes a session focused solely on case studies of operators and countries that are leading the development of NGNs, and a panel session with the opportunity to discuss NGN issues with our experts.
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