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End to End Packet Networks

11/9/10 8:00 AM - 11/11/10 5:00 PM
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Network operators and service providers are entering an era of significant change. Driven by the shift to data and video services, telcos are having to transform themselves to next generation communication service providers operating in an all-IP environment.<br /><br />This transformation is creating some of the largest infrastructure programmes in the world, particularly in Asia where many governments are pushing yet further deployments of fibre to the home and massive deployments of 3G networks are now underway in China and India.<br /><br />The impact on transport networks will be profound as network services and traffic migrate from TDM to packets. End-to-End Packet Networks 2010 explains the driving forces behind this transition – covering the impact of new services, emerging business models and the explosion of data traffic – and explores the technology alternatives and migration options available to telcos.<br /><br />Join your peers for debate, networking and discussion on issues such as traffic management, privacy, QoE, network connectivity and more at the End-to-End Packet Networks 2010, scheduled for 9-11 November in Singapore.
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