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Connecting the next Billion

11/2/10 7:00 AM - 11/4/10 4:00 PM
HostBeacon events
VenueJakarta, Indonesia
Come and discover workable strategies for delivering telecoms and internet services to the unconnected and be part of the growing number of telecoms professionals working to bring the benefits of connectivity to poor, remote and under-served communities.<br /><br />Despite impressive global mobile and internet subscriber growth, around half the World’s population still remains unconnected. The reasons for this are many – geographical remoteness, affordability, low population density making it uneconomical for services to be delivered…<br /><br />However new energy efficient networks, low-cost devices and optimized network designs are changing things. They are enabling operators to create sustainable business models to deliver life-changing services and applications to sectors of society, which have until now remained unconnected, under-served and cut off from the economic opportunities and social benefits enjoyed by the rest of society.<br /><br />Beacon Events is therefore delighted to team up with MASTEL, Indonesia’s leading telecoms association, to create Connecting the Next Billion – a three-day conference to be held in Jakarta on 2-4 November 2010.<br /><br />This unique event will bring together regulators, policy makers, operators, technology specialists, content and applications developers and development organizations to explore the regulatory policies, technologies, business models, and service innovations which bridge the digital divide by turning the vision of “telecoms and internet-for-all” into reality.
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