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Mobile VAS in Growth Markets

12/14/10 12:30 AM - 12/15/10 3:15 PM
HostNeoedge Pte Ltd
VenueTraders Hotel Dubai, UAE
The whole world is excited about the age of 3G and looks forward the benefits of the 4G technology. It will be a great opportunity for the operators to increase their APRU from this big wave of profit increasing. Meanwhile the vendors and developers will definitely enjoy the share of this Mobile VAS big cake.<br /><br />This Mobile VAS Conference is the exclusive event focused on the most advanced technologies in the mobile VAS ecosystem; Address the most innovative ideas to increase revenue for mobile operators and the whole value chain. The operator and developers from Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East will share their most new findings by providing acknowledged world class case studies. Everyone will be excited about the comprehensive networking driven agenda.<br /><br />The agenda covers the most innovative topics such as Mobile AR, Mobile cloud computing, Mobile Health care. And also the hottest services with a very deeply understanding such as Mobile Location based services, Mobile money, Location based mobile social networks, interactive mobile advertising, LBS Mobile Advertising, effective profit sharing platform and others products available for the telecom market.<br /><br />We are absolutely confident that this event will bring you the most deeply understanding of mobile VAS. Help you find out the most suitable partners, strategies and services for your markets. <br /><br />Key Themes and Topics:<br />- Introduction of the most effective business models for mobile VAS<br />- Discover the most profitable services from operator<br />- Getting Subscribers to spend more on your VAS<br />- Increasing ARPU and driving sales in emerging markets<br />- Latest technological advancement and innovations on mobile VAS<br />- Integrating VAS strategies that reduce churn and increase customer loyalty <br />- Find out the way for operator to differentiate themselves from content provider and application developer<br />- Direct solutions for profitability challenges in emerging markets<br />- Effective pricing strategies for mobile VAS with comprehensive case studies<br />- Meet with clients and mount up new business with valuable partners<br /><br />Why Attend<br />- Hear case studies on how operators, handset manufacturers and content providers are increasing their VAS profit margins and apply them in your VAS business plans<br />-Gain insights of revenue generating marketing strategies for your Mobile VAS business, help you generate effective pricing strategies<br />- Find the needs of the Mobile VAS in the emerging markets, evaluate their marketing potential<br />- Uncover future Mobile VAS business models to help you increase your profitability<br />- A deeply and comprehensive networking driven agenda that will bring together the key players of the mobile industry to discuss how they can get their desired revenue from the Mobile VAS ecosystem<br /><br />For more information, call us today at +65 6557 9183 or email us at
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