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Mobile Marketing Asia 2010

10/19/10 8:14 AM - 10/20/10 5:14 PM
VenueBerjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mobile marketing is…<br />• Unique – utilize the multiple pathways for campaign execution customized to your brand identity and customers’ lifestyle <br />• Targeted – reach out to a specific customer segment according to a criteria you set <br />• Interactive – it does what conventional mediums can’t; use it to complete the loop <br />• Personal – leverage on the emotional ties your customer have for their mobile phones (yes, it’s an object but try living without one!) <br />• Edgy – early adoption equals competitive advantage and what is hotter than mobile marketing right now? <br /><br />Why Attend: What is the key to an integrated and interactive campaign?<br /><br />True, online marketing might be the primary focus for digital campaigns but mobile marketing is very difficult to ignore. Especially when you consider the ubiquitous presence of mobile phones in our daily lives – when was the last time you left your home without your mobile phone?<br /><br />True, mobile marketing has been called the ‘next big thing’ for the last two years so what is different now? Consider:<br /><br /> * Exponential increase in smart phone ownership – 40% in South East Asia, 30% in Asia Pacific<br /> * 3G network coverage, mobile broadband and browsing – mobile phones is the key to 24/7 connectivity and sometimes the preferred choice for internet access.<br /> * Big guns have jumped in – Google’s acquisition of AdMob and Apple launching iAds demonstrates how it is no longer a ‘niche’ medium but your hot new marketing tool<br /><br />Beyond 160 words and text-based advertising, mobile marketing holds the potential for customer engagement and brand affinity – isn’t now the best time to realize it?<br /><br />Stop hesitating and start experimenting.<br />For more information, visit:
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