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Increasing ARPU & Customer Loyalty through Innovative Telecom Services

10/4/10 8:45 AM - 10/6/10 5:45 PM
VenueDubai, UAE
Neoedge Telecoms and Research <br />This initiative will bring you the Telecoms Industry potential to be on its highest range. This training workshop will introduce you to the new and future strategies to improve revenues. Know the paramount of measuring performance and how much revenue could be generated from individual customers. A must attend event in the Telecommunications Space that will feature an exciting technical program and an in-depth analysis about the new and innovative developments on increasing ARPU and Customer Loyalty. This workshop will be filled with the most interesting topics, detailed course materials and exceptional workshop experience from the notable Telecoms Analyst and Expert – Kei Shimada, CEO and Founder, Infinita, JAPAN.<br />
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