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Network Strategies 2010

9/21/10 8:13 AM - 9/22/10 4:13 PM
HostQuestex Media
About the event<br /><br />Operators are investing billions of dollars in implementing and rolling out Next Generation Network (NGN) all over the world. With the interoperability of multi-vendors, operators can now look forward to providing richer variety of services.<br />However with the higher costs of investments and fierce competition, it is imperative that operators ensure they optimize their intelligent network to increase revenue whilst reducing CAPEX and OPEX.<br /><br />Highlights:<br /> * Hear case studies from leading operators from Asia, ME and Europe to overcome points of pain when migrating to NGN<br /> * Learn from senior level carriers on how to best leverage from NGN to maximize revenue potential<br /> * Discover how enterprising operators use Network Sharing to reduce CAPEX and OPEX<br /> * Uncover the merits of Network Outsourcing: Is it mutually beneficial for both operators and vendors?<br /><br />For more information:
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