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Smart Event 2010

9/21/10 8:15 AM - 9/24/10 3:15 PM
HostStrategies Telecoms and Multimedia
VenueSophia-Antipolis - France
including Smart Mobility, The building of trusted mobile applications<br /><br />In its 11th edition, Smart Event has become a prominent meeting place for the industry and research in three interconnected areas: digital security, e-mobility and e-ID. Here is why.<br /><br />Like any powerful emerging high-tech industry, IT mobility and security feels the strong need for holding an annual dedicated Forum gathering its various types of players from academic research to professional users.<br />Smart Event gives them the opportunity to explore and discuss the dynamics of innovation which is the core of success: state-of-the-art technologies, market trends and issues, new strategies, next innovations… “The Innovation Forum for Mobility and Trusted Technologies & Services” was created for this purpose in 2000 and, 10 years later, remains more eager than ever to fulfil its mission.<br />The growing participation of world-class researchers, innovators, developers, business decision-makers shows a clear recognition: attendance figure has nearly doubled over the five past years to now reach over 600 (see Facts & Figures). This success relies on a combination of 4 features that make this event unique.<br />For more information:
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