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Mobile Broadband Forum 2010

10/12/10 8:51 AM - 10/15/10 5:51 PM
VenueLisbon, Portugal
This new conference features Next Generation Mobile Broadband Technologies, such as LTE, IMS and RCS. <br /> <br />According to the latest GSA report from this June, 110 operators in 48 countries are currently investing in LTE networks. GSA anticipates that up to 22 LTE networks will be in service by end 2010, and at least 45 are expected to be in service by end 2012. <br /> <br />In addition to 4G/LTE, the Forum includes a special day, focusing on the Rich Communication Suite (RCS) Initiative, a service providing enriched communication capabilities such as in-call multimedia sharing, conversational messaging and presence-enhanced contact management, all accessible through a user's mobile phone contact list.<br /> <br />What does RCS mean for operators” and “What do mobile operators really think about RCS?<br /> <br />Visit
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