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11/1/17 3:00 AM - 11/1/17 12:00 PM
VenueTaj Lands End, Mumbai

India has now become world second largest country in the world to use mobile internet after the launch of 4G-LTE by all major network operators. As per the industry report, India’s has more than 1 billion mobile subscribers and world lowest data plans. This has given major boost to all handset manufactures to offer low price devices to use mobile broadband.

In the past when voice contributed to a large chunk of the service provider business, operators created innovative, managed capacity, consumption-based business models, which led to decent EBITDA levels for service providers despite of low APRU levels. However with the transition towards data, those business models require a relook. In the last couple of years collectively network operators have put in over $20 billion in capex but none of them has yet generated any profits or have a clear line of sight to profits. Spectrum limitations combined with growing demand for bandwidth are pushing Indian Telco’s to explore SDN & NFV technologies in India, which have the potential to help them to maximize resource utilization.

At present, SDN & NFV technologies are at very nascent stage but Telco’s are exploring the economies of adopting this technology to minimize their investment on the networks and maximize ROI. 

We take this great pleasure to announce India’s best discussion forum on SDN & NFV technologies as SDN & NFV India Congress 2017, schedule to be held on 1st November 2017 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

In order to provide a perfect roadmap of SDN & NFV adoption in India, we take this pleasure to invite all stakeholders to come together to discuss the potential of SDN & NFV, plus best practices, operational readiness and deployment challenges.

The congress will highlight important insights of SDN & NFV in India


  • KNOW why telecom operators are considering SDN & NFV as suitable technologies for industry transition
  • HEAR the industry experts for future roadmaps of SDN & NFV in Indian Telecom industry
  • How SDN & NFV will be incorporated into their existing and next generation networks
  • LEARN why SDN & NFV is important for telecom operators to maximize their ROI in digitally enabled India
  • MEET the industry experts for minimum 8 hours to network with them to build your business relationship and discuss the latest trends of SDN& NFV technologies
  • LEARN about latest challenges and upcoming trends in SDN & NFV deployment



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